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Make Your Gifting Personalized and Unique - Custom Chocolate Messages

Congratulations ! You are in the process of designing a customized chocolate message for your love ones and surprising them.Go Ahead

Customized Chocolates in india 

Sometimes word's from mouth can't explain everything but a sweet message can do this for you.Sending messages through letters ,mobiles ,email etc. are now old .So at Chocolate Venue,We introduced a exclusive product called Chocolate Message.You can get write your lovely message on divine chocolates and make your personalised chocolate gift.All alphabets will be written on pieces of fine chocolates.You only have to tell us your emotions in the form of text and we will write it on chocolates and send to your family and friends.So, it's a customized chocolate gift that can surprise your love ones.So explore your thoughts and give us to write something funny,lovely and anything you want to get written.We made it very easy for everyone to design a custom chocolate message,and having a lovely text written on chocolates.

How to Do This : You only have to follow the simple steps with lots of love in your heart.

Step 1. Select the box size according to the length desired text to be written on chocolates.All sizes and number of chocolates in each box is mentioned on the picture of box.For example the box with "24 Chocolates in 4 Rows" consist of 4 rows and 6 chocolates in each row. There will be a single alphabet on each chocolate. 

Step 2. Enter the text in the text box ,You want to get written.Please enter the text according to the number of chocolates in the selected box .For example - In first step if you selected a box with "24 Chocolates in 4 Rows" then your text length should not be more from 24 alphabets including space.

Step 3. Click on Add to Cart and then Checkout.

        To Check and order ready made please click here Chocolate Message .

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