Everybody Knows Milk Chocolate Taste Better ,Buy Now They May be Healthy Too as Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Now days anti-oxidant rich food products are the preference of the health conscious people.And chocolate is the rich source of anti-oxidants.But only the dark chocolate is assumed to be the good source of anti-oxidants.So a piece of dark chocolate is the part of regular food schedule of many people.

But everybody knows milk chocolate tastes better than dark chocolate but not rich in anti-oxidants as dark chocolate.So a research has been made in Researchers from North Carolina State University to increase the anti-oxidant level of milk chocolate without affecting its taste.This is done by using a peanut waste product i.e peanut skin.They found that peanut skin extracted during the blanching process of peanut is having anti-oxidant properties.They did so by extracting phenolic compounds from peanut skins, encapsulating them in maltodextrin, then adding that maltodextrin powder to the milk chocolate.In tasting Consumer didn’t find any changes in the taste of milk chocolate.

This experiment may add value to the milk chocolate and the waste peanut skin .

Source : http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com

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