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Everybody Knows Milk Chocolate Taste Better ,Buy Now They May be Healthy Too as Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Now days anti-oxidant rich food products are the preference of the health conscious people.And chocolate is the rich source of anti-oxidants.But only the dark chocolate is assumed to be the good source of anti-oxidants.So a piece of dark chocolate is the part of regular food schedule of many people.

But everybody knows milk chocolate tastes better than dark chocolate but not rich in anti-oxidants as dark chocolate.So a research has been made in Researchers from North Carolina State University to increase the anti-oxidant level of milk chocolate without affecting its taste.This is done by using a peanut waste product i.e peanut skin.They found that peanut skin extracted during the blanching process of peanut is having anti-oxidant properties.They did so by extracting phenolic compounds from peanut skins, encapsulating them in maltodextrin, then adding that maltodextrin powder to the milk chocolate.In tasting Consumer didn’t find any changes in the taste of milk chocolate.

This experiment may add value to the milk chocolate and the waste peanut skin .

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Fall in Love With Truly Delectable and Simply Irresistible Chocolates

Chocolates are always considered as representation of love,joy and celebrations.The chocolate lovers had a love affair with chocolates.When we talk about passion no other food comes close to chocolates.When we talk about variety in terms of taste ,presentation  and recipes no other food stands near to chocolates.Now in India ,It comes in various shapes,sizes and tastes.There are many companies in India doing good with chocolates and providing some unusual premium chocolates to Indian chocolate lovers.Things are becoming easy as there are many online chocolate stores in India doing online chocolate delivery  to the destination of your choice.

When we talk about chocolate ,there are some truly delectable chocolates that no one can resist.And now they are becoming popular in India.We have made a small list of these chocolates .

  1. Chocolate Truffles : There are many stories revolving around the history of chocolate truffles.Two names are most popularly attached with it French patissier Louis Dufour and French cooking giant, Auguste Escoffier. Basically a chocolate truffle is a confection having chocolate ganache in its center and coated with chocolates .It is having soft and smooth texture from inside and little bit firm from outer.Now days lakhs of its recipes  are available .Like with coconut,dry fruits ,dehydrogenated fruits,protein powder and many more.Chocolate truffles melts in mouth easily.We have some amazing chocolate truffles like Almond chocolate truffles,Marzipan chocolate truffles,Cherry chocolate truffles,Coffee chocolate truffles and many more.2.  Caramel Chocolates : Caramel is majorly made with sugar and butter .It is thick ,brown and soft in texture .Its combination goes awesome with the deserts and so with the chocolates .A chocolate filled with the caramel from inside can surprise when every bite of caramel chocolate filled your mouth with sweetly soft caramel. Now days there are many other caramel variety is available like with sea salt ,Almond caramel ,hazelnut caramel  and may more.                                                                                3. Chocolate Mendiants : It is popular french chocolate desert composed of chocolate disk with the toppings of nuts, cacao nibs, flaked coconut, freeze dried fruit, etc. Chocolate disk is the base of the mendiant can be made using delicious dark,milk or white chocolate.

    4. Chocolate Clusters : It is the perfect healthy desert .It is Composed of nuts or dried fruits covered with the premium chocolates.Chocolates clusters gives the crunch of nuts and sweetness of the chocolates.


    With many more chocolate varieties we will come soon .So for now get indulged in these delicious chocolates.