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Interesting facts about chocolate – Feel amazed to Know

Fun facts about chocolate - compiled by chocolate venue

We all know that a chocolate is not only a delicious desert ,a symbol of affection, and a perfect gift,But there are many fun facts about chocolates ,that we are going to cover in this article.We will not go in the technical and historical details of chocolate invention and growth .We will cover some interesting things about chocolates that will definitely bring a chocolaty smile on your face.

So come on – lets’s dive in the chocolate fun facts :

  1. Food of Gods : A chocolate is described as the more than than the food and less than the drug .The scientific name for the tree that chocolate comes from, Theobroma cacao, means food of the gods  in Latin language.
  2. Chocolate as an Energy Booster for NAPOLEAN: A chocolate is a perfect energy booster and a small chocolate can renew our energy.Here is the example : Napolean always carried chocolate with him as an energy booster.
  3. Chocolate consume 40 % of worlds ALMONDS : An almond is a well know healthy nut.And almond blends very well with chocolates to produce a great aroma and taste.But it is good to know that 40% of the total almonds of the word used in the chocolate making.
  4. Chocolate Inspired Microwave oven’s Inventions : A microwave oven is the must have device.But feel surprise to know that chocolate is behind the invention on microwave oven.
  5. Fantasy of largest chocolate 5792 Kg : A chocolate is so delicious that ,no one can ignore it and can’t stop eating ,All chocolate lovers fantacise about biggest chocolate bar .So what if you get a world’s biggest chocolate bar weighted 5792 Kg.
  6. First Chocolate Bar was invented in 1847 by Joseph Fry.
  7. Reveal Password in Exchange of Chocolate : In 2004 a study is done in London and it is found that 70% of the people would exchange their passwords for a chocolate bar.
  8. White Chocolate not a Chocolate: White chocolate is technically not a chocolate.
  9. Xocoatl or Chocolate :The word “chocolate” comes from the Aztec word  which referred to the bitter, spicy drink the Aztecs made from cacao beans.
  10. India – Consuming more Chocolates : India is the fastest growing market for the chocolate.

So hope you got a smile on your face after knowing these facts and your love about chocolates is also increased .

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Time to Create Delicious Memories – Make Your Chocolate

Custom chocolate message


It may be a personal celebration or a social event,Everyone always want to give a special personalized experience to the family and friends.There may be many options in the scene,but we are sure that only custom chocolates can live up to your expectations.

It is a great idea to make something different for everyone according to their likes .It can be done in many ways like printing a photo on the chocolates,get written text message on the chocolates and creating your chocolate bar own by selecting from the list of 1000’s of combinations of ingredients.

Gift are loved by everyone and if they are personalised according to their personality then,they definitely create memories .Which are not only unforgettable buy are delicious too .Because they are the representation of your sweet love towards your love ones.

Personalized chocolate is a combination of both a sweet message and delicious chocolates ,so always proves as a best choice for gifting.We at chocolate venue come up with the new concepts of creating customized chocolates :

  1. Get written text on chocolates – Chocolate Message.

It is as easy as eating a delicious piece of chocolate : Three steps

  • Choose the box size .
  • Enter the text to be written on chocolates.
  • Add to cart and checkout.
Customized Chocolate Message

Congratulations ! You have done a awesome selection of gift.

     2.  Create your Own – Chocolate Bar

It is a simple idea of making your chocolate bar own by selecting from the 100’s of the available toppings .It is really easy to do that and the result will be very beautiful and tasty.Only follow these steps:

  • Select the chocolate base (from Milk,Dark and White Chocolate Bars).
  • Choose the toppings to be put on the bar (From Nuts,Candies,Fruits,decorations,Grains,Spices and Flavors).
  • Just order and get it and at your home.


Personalized chocolate bar
Customized Chocolate Bar

Amazing ! You have discovered a chocolatier in you.