Chocolate Venue

Ordering and Tracking

Ordering and Tracking

 a)      Orders can generally be placed 24/7 through the website.

b)      Chocolate Venue reserves the right to make it's website unavailable for scheduled maintenance. 

c)      We will acknowledge your order as soon as possible but will be under no obligation to supply the goods or services until we accept your order by providing written confirmation through e-mail or with any communication medium that we have the goods in stock and they are available at the prices specified. Access to our website is not to be taken as meaning that we will enter into any contract with you and we reserve the right to refuse any online transaction.

d)       We reserve the right to change or substitute the Products and packaging with equal or higher price item without prior notice.

e)      We will update you timely about the shipment status of your order, but this service depends on the communication medium’s service. You can use this information  and check the exact status of your order in our shipping partners website